Custom signal creation, measurement and data analysis with MATLAB

  • Create arbitrary waveforms
  • Customize your measurement and data analysis routines
  • Create your own instruments applications and test systems
  • Automates measurements, signal generation, and report generation

MATLAB configurations available

  • MATLAB is available in three configurations directly from Keysight Technologies with the purchase of a new compatible instrument
  • Install and execute MATLAB on a remote PC and communicate with instruments via GPIB or LAN
  • Install and execute MATLAB directly on X-Series signal analyzers and select arbitrary waveform generators
  • Includes 12 months of software updates from Mathworks

Automation and communication interface

  • GPIB, LAN, USB, and VISA communications protocol support
  • Communicate with the instruments using SCPI programming or instrument drivers (IVI, MATLAB)
  • MATLAB instrument drivers created, tested and supported by Keysight for Keysight X-Series signal generators, X-Series signal analyzers and PSA spectrum analyzers
  • Keysight Waveform Download Assistant for MATLAB with Keysight ESG, PSG and X-Series signal generators

Multiple MATLAB application examples and other features included with the N6171A purchase

  • Additional technical capability - Users purchasing N6171A MATLAB software from Keysight receive multiple MATLAB application examples with source code as a key benefit or ordering MATLAB software together with your Keysight instrument. Details below
  • Single purchase order - Order MATLAB together with your Keysight instrument so that it can be on a single purchase order to save you time, reduce ordering complexity, and typically add only a minimal cost to the purchase
  • Guaranteed Access - By ordering MATLAB as the N6171A option with your instrument, you ensure that you always have your own MATLAB software license available when you need to use MATLAB with or without your Keysight instrument
  • Dual technical support - MATLAB installation and technical support is available from either Keysight and or MathWorks when you purchase MATLAB software from Keysight

MATLAB overview

MATLAB is a well-respected software environment and programming language created by MathWorks and now available directly from Keysight as an option with most signal generators, signal analyzers, and spectrum analyzers. MATLAB extends the capabilities of Keysight signal analyzers and generators to make custom measurements, analyze and visualize data, create arbitrary waveforms, control instruments, and build test systems. It provides interactive tools and command-line functions for data analysis tasks such as signal processing, signal modulation, digital filtering, and curve fitting. MATLAB has over 1,000,000 users in diverse industries and disciplines, and it is a standard at more than 3,500 colleges and universities worldwide. Three MATLAB configurations are available and range from basic MATLAB capabilities that allow acquisition and analysis of data to full support for signal processing, communications, filter design, and automated testing.

MATLAB software is available for purchase directly from Keysight with the purchase of a new compatible instrument:

  • Spectrum and Signal Analyzers: X-Series, PSA
  • PXI Signal Analyzer: M9290A CXA-m
  • Vector Transceiver: M9420A PXIe, M9421A PXIe
  • Vector Signal Generators: X-Series, ESG, PSG
  • Vector Signal Generators: M9381A PXIe, M9392A PXI
  • PXI and AXIe Controllers: all models
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators: M8190A, M9330A, M9331A, 81180B
  • Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator: 81150A, 81160A

MATLAB capabilities

  • Extend the functionality of Keysight signal and spectrum analyzers with MATLAB by analyzing and visualizing measurements, testing modulation schemes, and automating measurements 
  • Excite electronic devices using Keysight signal generators with simple or complex waveforms created in MATLAB 
  • Test the functionality of electronic devices by making measurements with Keysight instruments and comparing them against known baselines in MATLAB 
  • Develop a GUI or application that enables users to perform data analysis or testing
  • Characterize an electronic device to determine how closely it matches the design 
  • Verify new algorithms or measurement routines using live data from Keysight instruments 
  • Design custom digital filters in MATLAB and apply them to signals acquired from a Keysight instrument

Download MATLAB technical kit with application examples available with your N6171A MATLAB purchase

Download the technical kit containing an application note and multiple free MATLAB application examples to demonstrate the value of using MATLAB software together with Keysight signal generators, signal analyzers, PXI and AXIe modular hardware, and other instruments. Note: While these applications are provided at no charge and you are welcome to use them, they require a MATLAB license to operate, and many of these applications are not modifiable until your purchase the N6171A MATLAB option.

Order the N6171A MATLAB option together with your Keysight instrument purchase and receive access to the modifiable version of these example applications (in MATLAB file format). These modifiable examples will allow you to extend or customize the capabilities of these instruments for your specific setup. Applications examples and modifiable MATLAB source code included with your N6171A purchase include:

  • Waveform sequencing, secure waveform upload, and long waveform generation application examples for your Keysight X-series signal generator.
  • Fast (deep) data capture in IQ Mode and ACPR measurement automation application examples for with your Keysight X-series signal generator.
  • IQTools application example for Keysight M8190A – Generate arbitrary waveforms and performing amplitude correction for Keysight M8190A, 81180A, M933xA, 81150A, 81160A, and other Keysight signal generators. IQ Tools can be downloaded from the Drivers, Firmware, and Software tab from the Technical Support link on the right-hand side of this page.
  • Custom signal generation and playback – Create an arbitrary signal in MATLAB, modulate this signal using digital modulation techniques, upload the IQ data to a Keysight RF signal generator, transmit it, acquire the IQ measurement, and playback the recovered audio stream.
  • IQ Data Capture – Acquire live IQ Data from Keysight signal analyzers for live or post processing.
  • Digital pre-distortion (DPD) example – Use MATLAB software to use pre-distortion techniques to correct for the non-linearities caused by driving an amplifier near its power limitation.
  • Advanced Data Visualization Application example for X-Series Analyzers – Analyze live X-Series signal analyzer data with 2-D and 3-D visualizations.
  • Tune & Listen – This application example allows you to capture a signal with a spectrum analyzer, demodulate it, and play it out the PC speaker


Adding MATLAB software to the purchase of your Keysight signal generators and analyzers provides five key benefits:

  • Convenience: Acquire your software and instrument on a single purchase order
  • Confidence: MATLAB software sold through Keysight has been tested and qualified by Keysight
  • Support: Contact either Keysight or The MathWorks for help with installation and technical questions
  • Quick start: Acquire numerous application examples directly from Keysight to get started
  • Reliability: Ensure that your MATLAB software is always available to you when you need it

Getting started using MATLAB with your Keysight instrument

Request a Custom Quote to get started ordering and using MATLAB with your Keysight instrument. Mention in the instructions field if you are interested in receiving a free trial of MATLAB software or access to a list of MATLAB examples for use with your Keysight instruments.

For more information about PXI chassis and PXI controllers, please visit PXI Chassis page.

Free Trials

  • Request free trial of MATLAB software
  • Enables you to try out MATLAB with your Keysight instruments
  • Fulfilled by MathWorks

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