MATLAB extends the capabilities of Keysight signal analyzers and generators to make custom measurements, analyze and visualize data, create arbitrary waveforms, control instruments, and build test systems.

  • Extend the functionality of Keysight signal and spectrum analyzers with MATLAB by analyzing and visualizing measurements, testing modulation schemes, and automating measurements.
  • Excite electronic devices using Keysight signal generators with simple or complex waveforms created in MATLAB.
  • Test the functionality of electronic devices by making measurements with Keysight instruments and comparing them against known baselines in MATLAB.
  • Develop a GUI or application that enables users to perform data analysis or testing.
  • Characterize an electronic device to determine how closely it matches the design.
  • Verify new algorithms or measurement routines using live data from Keysight instruments.
  • Design custom digital filters in MATLAB and apply them to signals acquired from a Keysight instrument.

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