• Generate custom M-PHY packet sequences and test patterns at HS-GEAR5 and lower speeds 
  • Generate custom PWM signal sequences
  • Specify and control packet sequence timings
  • Specify and control HS timing parameters (PREPARE, STALL, ADAPT)
  • Specify and control LS timing parameters
  • Specify and control jitter parameters (SJ, RJ)
  • Specify and control HS differential and common-mode voltage amplitude parameters

The Keysight N5991MM5E M-PHY receiver Frame Generator software maximizes the value of your Keysight M8040A BERT platform, helping you generate signal sequences to test and debug your M-PHY v5.0 receiver designs easily with an intuitive user interface. The software allows for easy definition of M-PHY data sequences and test patterns and allows for easy control of overall timing, amplitude, and jitter parameters as defined by the M-PHY v5.0 specification.

Keysight partner BitifEye Digital Test Solutions, the market leader for high-speed digital test automation, provides integrated solutions that complement the Keysight instrument portfolio. To learn more about BitifEye and their wide range of software and hardware products and services, visit www.bitifeye.com.

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