• 2- or 4-ports
  • Accurate and stable measurements with dedicated Interface connectors and cables to the frequency extenders
  • Available adapter kits for existing OML/VDI frequency extender modules (required power supplies for extenders)

The N5292A millimeter-wave controller provides 2- or 4- port interface capability to the millimeter-wave frequency extender modules and with a PNA or PNA-X Series B model network analyzers.

  • When used in conjunction with the millimeter-wave test head modules and the PNA/PNA-X Series B models, it provides all the features and functions of a full 2/4-port S-parameter test.
  • Single cable interface to the N5293/95A modules supplies RF, LO and IF signals to/from the millimeter-wave test head modules.
  • The N5292A returns the down-converted reference and test IF signals to the PNA/PNA-X for process and display.
  • A breakout cable assembly allows the N5292A to interface to OML/VDI frequency extender modules.
  • The N5292A has an optical detection scheme which automatically detects when a N5293/95A module is connected.
  • The N5292A allows for direct access to the Test and Reference IF signals from the modules.

Note: The N5292A millimeter-wave controller supports PNA/PNA-X Series B model network analyzers 26.5 GHz and above.

When external connected to VDI/OML modules an external power supply is required.



N5292A Millimeter-wave Test Set Controller

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