The Keysight N4917BACA optical receiver test solution is a complete, automated, and repeatable solution for optical receiver stress test. It provides repeatable calibration of the optical stressed eye, saving hours of calibration time compared to manual calibration. The N4917BACA 100G Optical Receiver Test, BERT Compliance App enables control and setting of all required instruments for calibration, receiver sensitivity, and jitter tolerance test according to IEEE 802.3-2015 clause 88 and related multi-source agreements (MSA).

The equipment configuration is based on the M8040A high-performance bit error ratio tester (BERT). It includes an arbitrary waveform generator, an optical reference transmitter, a DCA-series digital sampling oscilloscope, a tunable laser source, and an optical attenuator and is fully compatible with the N4917BSCB optical receiver stress test solution for 400G.

Alternative setup configurations are supported, and the hardware can be used for other kinds of device-compliance test such as for optical transmitters and chip-to-module interfaces.


  • Standard-compliant stressed optical receiver characterization for 10GBASE-SR / ER / LR, 25GBASE-ER / -LR / -SR, 100GBASE-LR4 / -ER4 /-SR4 and related 100G multi-sources agreements (CLR4, CWDM4, 4WDM).
  • One vendor turn-key solution automates all required instruments in the solution.
  • Repeatable and stable calibration of optical stressed NRZ signal.
  • Adjustable target values for ER, VECP, J2, J4, J9, optical modulation amplitude (OMA).


  • Unified instrument control and setting with the N4917BACA software.
  • Automated stress signal calibration, receiver sensitivity, and jitter tolerance measurements.
  • Customized device testing and reporting via DUT control and scripting interface.
  • Adjustable stress mix for user-defined calibration.
  • Flexible calibration based on customer-defined parameter settings.

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