• Low-cost, spring-loaded tips for secure probing contact
  • Comes with 20x spring-loaded and 20x solid tips
  • Compatible with N2839A InfiniiMax browser head

The spring-loaded tips for the N2839A InfiniiMax browser head are designed to withstand normal probing activity, but accidents can happen. Replace the tips when they become bent or when the spring action fails. Order model number N2837A for additional tips beyond what is included with the N2839A browser head kit.

Beginning the shipments in late June 2019 (with S/N US5900xxxx or higher), we are adding 20 more solid tips to the standard N2839A and N2837A configuration, totaling 40 tips in a kit (i.e., 20 spring-loaded and 20 solid tips). New solid tips are slightly more robust than the spring-loaded pogo tips.

N2837A InfiniiMax II Browser Tip Kit

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