• N5445A InfiniiMax III browser head (qty 1)
  • MX0109A InfiniiMax III 26 GHz solder-in head (qty 2)
  • N5439A InfiniiMax III ZIF head (qty 2)
  • N2838A InfiniiMax III ZIF tip kit (qty 2)
  • N2848A InfiniiMax III QuickTip head (qty 2)
  • N2849A QuickTip tips (qty 2)

The N2835A InfiniiMax III differential connectivity kit is a differential probe kit for use with InfiniiMax III/III+ probe amps. It contains InfiniiMax probe heads to get you up to speed on evaluation and development with the InfiniiMax III/III+ probe system.

InfiniiMax III Differential Connectivity Kit

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