• SMD, lead and various type of devices are supported
  • Triaxial input terminal configuration minimizes the influences due to external noise and as a result, high resistance up to 10 POhm can be measured accurately
  • A built-in interlock circuit enables safe high voltage measurements

The N1428A is designed to operate specifically with the B2985A/87A Electrometer/High Resistance Meter. It is provided with two component modules, which are used to hold SMD, lead and various type of devices. Electrical noise effects are reduced by the employment of a shielded case. A built-in interlock circuit enables safe high-voltage measurements. The N1413A High Resistance Meter Fixture Adapter is also required to connect the N1428A to the B2985A/87A.

Learn more about Keysight B2980A Series Femtometer / Picoammeters and Electrometers / High Resistance Meters.

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