• Convenient accessories for B2900A family

The Keysight N1294A holds several optional accessories for B2900A series and you can choose any of them as necessary. The N1294A-011 and N1294A-012 are interlock cable dedicated to 16442A/B test fixture. The N1294A-031 is a GPIO-BNC trigger adapter conveniently used for synchronization with other instruments. The N1294A-032 is a digital I/O trigger cable which is using with EasyEXPERT group+ software for multiple B2900A SMUs. Please see “Options & Accessories” tab for each price.

For more information about Precision Source Measure Unit (SMU), please visit Keysight B2900A Series Precision Source/Measure Unit (SMU).

For more information about low noise power source, please visit B2961A/B2962A 6.5 Digit Low Noise Power Source.

Source Measure Unit Accessories

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