Drive Down Cost-of-Test and Optimize Test Efficiency for High Channel Count Transceivers

FlexOTO Optical Test Optimization Solutions are designed for high optical lane count testing on 800G/1.6T and multi-channel applications to improve test efficiency and increase utilization of DCA-M hardware without compromising measurement integrity.

  • Fully optimized DCA-M hardware utilization
  • FlexOTO software works seamlessly with FlexDCA to optimize test efficiency and improve overall test time
  • Leverage existing DCA-M investments to meet your high channel count testing demands at a minimal cost
  • Simple configuration of optimal TDECQ measurement throughput while ensuring the highest measurement quality
  • Simple SCPI interface, easy to integrate into your manufacturing test flows
  • N1002L31A and N1002L33A bundles provide a cost-saving solution for software and hardware

FlexOTO Application Software

Keysight's FlexOTO application software is designed for test system designers who are creating design validation and high-volume optical test systems. FlexOTO software drives down cost-of-test while maintaining the highest measurement integrity by

  • Automatic optimization of:
    • Instrument configuration
    • Optical switching / Signal routing
    • Signal acquisition
    • Signal analysis
  • Optimizes utilization of existing DCA-M assets
  • Simplifies setup of complex measurements
  • Easy integration into test flow

Web Standard Configurations

FlexDCA Software

FlexDCA Software

Keysight's N1010A FlexDCA is the software that runs on the Keysight DCA Series of sampling oscilloscopes. It controls the measurement hardware both as a local user interface and for remote control. In addition to acquiring data and making measurements, FlexDCA encompasses powerful tools that boost productivity and provide insights into root causes of issues with the signal or device under test.

FlexDCA continues to evolve for applications such as:

  • research and design verification of electrical transmitters (ASICs, FPGAs, PHYs)
  • research, development, and manufacturing of optical transmitters / transceivers
  • analysis of reflections and transmission characteristics of electrical components and channels
  • general-purpose analysis of analog and digital signals

DCA Compliance Applications

Test to the exact specifications of each technology standard

  • Verified by Keysight experts who sit on multiple technology boards
  • Tests include OIF CEI 3.1, IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet), SFF-8431 (SFP+), and more
  • Supports user-defined applications
DCA Compliance Applications

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