• Straight tweezer (Qty 1)
  • Cutting tweezer (Qty 1)
  • Kapton tap (36 yard roll)
  • Double-sided foam tape (Qty 10)
  • Regular solder wire (Lead free, 0.009” diameter, 2 feet long, Qty 1)
  • Low temperature solder wire (Lead free, 0.01” diameter, 2 feet long, Qty 1)
  • Probe tip wire (4 mil diameter, 2 feet long)
  • Order all together as a kit or individually – see the InfiniiMax II user’s guide for the part numbers

The MX0102A soldering toolkit provides tools that can make probe soldering tasks easier. The tools available in the kit can be used to solder the lead wires of the MX0100A Micro probe head to a DUT.

MX0102A Soldering Toolkit

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