What’s Included

  • MSOX6004A: 4+16-channel, 1-GHz mixed-signal oscilloscope
  • DSOX6004A-02G: 2.5-GHz bandwidth option
  • D6000BDLB: ultimate bundle software option
  • DSOX6WAVEGEN2: 2-channel function / arbitrary waveform generator
  • N2751A: 3.5-GHz differential active probe

Testing for timing margins and unwanted jitter in high-speed digital systems requires oscilloscopes with fast sample rates, active probes, and automated jitter analysis with software clock recovery. Keysight’s InfiniiVision oscilloscope High-Speed / Jitter Best Bundle provides these critical measurement tools to help you perform jitter analysis on your high-speed serial buses.

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Check out other automotive, power, and jitter preconfigured bundles available on the InfiniiVision 3000T, 4000, and 6000 X-Series oscilloscopes.

Demo the Jitter Application Bundle

Perform jitter analysis with InfiniiVision jitter software that provides software clock recovery. View jitter using measurement histograms, trend plots, spectrums, and eye-diagrams.

Extend the Capabilities of Your MSOX6004JIT

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