• Includes dual amplifiers to improve S/N ratio of VNA receivers
  • Synchronized NF measurements with the VNA
  • Frequency: 50 MHz to 13.5 GHz
  • >+21 dBm saturated output power at 3 GHz (typ.)
  • > 25 dB forward gain at 3 GHz (typ.)

The M9379A RF Amp Module includes two amplifiers, RF switches, and a programmable step attenuator designed to operate with the M9485A and M980xA PXIe vector network analyzer (VNA).

When combined with the M980xA PXIe VNA, the M9379A can improve the noise floor of the measurement system. For example, the M9379A with a pre-amp is an ideal solution for noise figure (NF) measurements using the M980xA’s standard receivers up to 13.5 GHz. The 1-slot module also includes internal switches which are directly controlled by the M980xA’s firmware, enabling synchronized fast measurements for both S-parameters and NF with the PXI system.

M9379A PXI RF amp module

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