• The ultimate bundle enables all M924xA PXIe modular oscilloscope software options: M9240AUTB, M9240GENB, M9240AERB, M9240PWRB, and M9240NFCB
  • This includes several serial protocol triggering and decode options, mask testing, frequency response analysis (Bode), advanced math, and more
  • Digital voltmeter (DVM) and educators training kit are already included standard on M924xA PXIe modular oscilloscopes
  • Note that hardware options such as the WaveGen and MSO channels are not included in this bundle

The ultimate bundle software package for the M924xA PXIe modular oscilloscopes bundles all the serial bus protocol trigger & decode capabilities, as well as all the advanced measurement capabilities of the individual licensed industry/application software packages (Auto, Aero, and Embedded). In addition, this package enables the NFC triggering.

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