The M3202A PXIe arbitrary waveform generator is ideal for general purpose AWG automated test requirements, Quantum Computing, and massive MIMO research. It offers high channel density with high-quality output with low phase noise. The optional real-time sequencing, inter-module synchronization, and graphical FPGA programming software tools expand its capability to enable applications such as Quantum Computing research, 5G, wireless device manufacturing, ATE, MIMO, beamforming, and other multi-channel coherent signal generation.

Performance Characteristics

  • Produce high-quality output signal with low phase noise
  • Includes function generation (sinusoidal, triangular, square, DC) and phase, frequency, and amplitude modulation capability
  • Realize multi-instrument programming, which is enabled using the KS2201A PathWave Test Sync Executive programming environment
  • Create programs and designs of logic, control, and combinatorial routines to the M3xxxA instrument with PathWave FPGA Design Environment (KF9000A), supported by SD1 3.x software

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M3202A PXIe arbitrary waveform generator

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