IOT8720A IoT Wireless Test Solution

Over-the-air (OTA) signaling test solution that delivers fast, reliable and efficient measurements to test massive IoT devices.


Build confidence in IoT. Customers need confidence in their high-value or mission-critical IoT devices. Delivering greater peace of mind depends on the right balance of test time versus test coverage.

  • Cover conducted and non-conducted signaling test of Bluetooth® Low Energy and WLAN (a/b/g/n/ac)
  • Wide input power measurement ranges from -50 to +17 dBm and output power range from -28 to -100 dBm
  • Verify device transmitter performance that covers important test parameters such as transmitter channel power, transmitter power envelope, advertising interval and more
  • Characterize device receiver performance of crucial test parameters such as Channel based PER, Composite PER, and scan response data throughput measurements
  • Save time and simplify test development with the intuitive and easy-to-use IoT Soft Front Panel Pro, and automate your manufacturing test with the flexible test plan in IoT Signaling Measurement Suite

For WLAN and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) devices, Keysight’s IOT8700 Series is a complete solution for wireless test: hardware, software, and RF shielded enclosure. In your production process, our solutions simplify over-the-air (OTA) signaling test of devices running their final firmware. To optimize your investment, this cost-effective solution includes essential measurement functionality, signaling test, and enhanced capabilities such as deep radio control and UUID read/write. And to simplify and accelerate the test-development process, consider using Keysight PathWave-based automation software as the foundation of your solution.

The IOT8700 Series is purpose-build for manufacturing test of IoT devices. These time-saving solutions help test-development teams stay on track with new-product introduction schedules and the unique combination of size, speed and functionality will help test-development managers reduce the overall cost of test. For R&D validation engineers, the IOT8700 Series make it easy to get fast insights into device performance and establish crucial test parameters and margins. In addition, the inclusion of signaling test for BLE and WLAN also makes the IOT8700 Series an excellent companion device for in-house or independent compliance-test labs.

Simplify and Accelerate Your IoT Wireless Testing with IOT8700 Series

A complete solution for your IoT wireless device functional test and measurement. This cost-effective solution accelerates OTA testing and maximize test throughput with multi-device configuration. IOT8700 Series cover for all essential measurement functionality, signaling test, and enhanced test capabilities such as deep radio control and UUID read/write.

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How to perform WLAN Throughput measurements using Keysight IOT8720A.

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802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
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IOT8720A IoT Wireless Test Solution

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