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E6416A Multi Transceiver RF Test Set (MTRX) is a scalable RF test platform hardware that provides 4 or up to 16 Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) and 4 or up to 16 Vector Signal Generators (VSG) in one instrument with an advanced digital MIMO and massive MIMO signal weighting matrix and pass-through connectivity options for end-to-end beamforming test of network and device(s).

VSA measurements are available for analysis through Keysight PathWave software, Keysight Wireless Analyzer WaveJudge software, or in an open IQ file format. VSG waveforms are configured with Keysight PathWave software.

Key Specifications

Frequency Range

30 MHz - 7.25 GHz

Coherent Vector Signal Analyzers

4 – 16

Coherent Vector Signal Generators

4 – 16


<0.35% (5G NR)

View the Datasheet for a Complete Set of Specifications

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