• Supports Keysight TS-5000 family of multi-channel load cards and switch cards
  • 21-slot standard VME type enclosure
  • Control via USB
  • Additional 8-bit DIO for automation control or fixture ID
  • Additional 2 Channel DAC @ 16V for controlling differential input or voltage controlled power supplies

The Keysight Switch/Load Unit (SLU) utilizes a standard VERSA Module Eurocard (VME) type enclosure to bring you the best-in-class switching solution for mechatronic type testing.

With the Keysight TS-5000 family of multi-channel load and switching cards, you have the option of switching stimulus or measurement signals up to 2A and loads of up to 30A.

Additionally, the SLU comes with added features that provide you with an 8-bit DIO that can be used for fixture control or ID, a pair of DAC channels to drive voltage controlled power supplies.

Learn more about the available switch matrix cards, Keysight E8782A Pin Matrix and E8783A Pin Matrix Card

Learn more about the TS-5000 family of multi-channel load cards (PDF)

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