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As rise times get shorter, clock frequencies increase, and parallel lines move closer together, signal quality is more susceptible to degradation and interference. The combination of higher bit rates and tightly-spaced lines leads to an increased amount of crosstalk, noise, jitter, loss, and attenuation — all important problems that need a diagnosis. Additionally, power supplies create interference on the data lanes they drive in the form of noise and jitter, and they are susceptible to data-dependent noise such as simultaneous switching noise (SSN), which leads to ground bounce. Keysight’s software enables engineers to troubleshoot signal integrity issues with deep analysis into closed eyes, equalization modeling, crosstalk aggressor identification, and more.

To learn more about each application in the Signal Integrity Serial Bundle, view the data sheets on the respective model web pages.

Signal Integrity Bundle Components:

D9110ASIA Advanced Signal Integrity Software

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