Product definition wizard

  • Select the number of link rates and the bit rate values
  • Select the number of levels used and the nominal value of levels you want
  • Select the number of pre-emphasis settings and nominal pre-emphasis

Create your own test limits

  • Enter limits that make sense for your design
  • Define relative or absolute specifications for level or pre-emphasis
  • Create your own jitter specifications for RJ, TJ, DJ and create your own eye masks for each bit rate

Specify your Test Plan

  • Use testplan 'drop down' for each test type to determine conditions to validate or characterize
  • Specify pattern you want to use for each test

Productivity through templates

  • Define templates for product type and capability so subsequent runs require no setup
  • Share template to facilitate identical testing in other locations

Meeting the complex requirements of eDP1.4:
The Keysight eDP Electrical Performance and Characterization Toolset is an industry-first test software package in enabling the creation of a test process tailored to the needs of a specific product, company work environment, and supply chain where there is a desire to have common test processes. eDP1.4 allows for arbitrary data rates, levels, pre-emphasis settings, channel models, and specifications which is difficult to handle using typical compliance software approach. The toolset not only allows for the arbitrary conditions but arbitrary test limits as well and enables level measurements to be measured relative to a previous state or in absolute terms.

Template driven test:
This software toolset builds on the highly successful DisplayPort compliance software (D9040DPPC) and extends the concept with an approach called ‘template driven test.’ A template can be created for local testing to facilitate numerous products of the same type and validation/characterization goals or can be shared with colleagues, vendors, or customers to ensure consistency of results throughout the supply chain.

Complete test list:
The Keysight eDP EP & C software toolset features a complete list of tests such as eye diagram, level validation, preemphasis measurement, spread spectrum clocking suite, and jitter to meet all your test needs. In addition, since it is built in the Infiniium test framework, you can add your own tests if needed through the add-in capability in the user-defined application tool.

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Keysight D9040EDPV eDP electrical performance and characterization test software for Infiniium 90000 Series, Z-Series, and UXR-Series oscilloscopes.

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