The D9020FECP software package allows your UXR-Series oscilloscope to utilize the N4891A 400GBase FEC-Aware Receiver Test solution to trigger on and investigate burst errors leading to frame loss.

The D9020FECP FEC (KP4) 400GE Decode/Trigger software package with the Infiniium UXR-Series oscilloscope makes it easy to debug and test designs by:

  • Identifying FEC errors in 400G optical waveforms on the oscilloscope.
  • Working with N7004/5A O/Es to capture 50/100G (26/53GBd PAM4) optical lanes on 1 to 4 channels.
  • Taking triggers from N4891A/A400GE to capture infrequent bursts of errors.
  • Importing 50G PAM4 symbols near the trigger from N4891A/A400GE over LAN.
  • Aligning both FEC-expected and Trigger electrical PAM4 symbols from N4891A/A400GE with 50G or 100G optical PAM4 symbols recovered from the acquired optical waveform.
  • Color coding and searching for errors, either transmitter errors (waveform symbols do not match FEC-expected symbols) or receiver errors (where trigger symbols from the N4891A/A400GE do not match the FEC-expected signals).
  • Allowing users to modify PAM4 optical clock recovery, equalization, and thresholds to see if errors can be eliminated on the captured symbols.
  • Enabling users to quickly identify if errors are at the electrical or optical level.

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The D9020FECP FEC (KP4) 400GE (100G Optical Lane) Decode/Trigger software comes pre-installed on Keysight Infiniium UXR-Series oscilloscopes, so there are no files to download and install.

D9020FECP FEC (KP4) 400GE (100G Optical Lane) Decode/Trigger software for Keysight UXR-Series oscilloscopes

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