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Power supply analysis is easy with Keysight’s Infiniium MXR-Series and EXR-Series oscilloscopes with the optional D9010PWRA software. The broad range of automated power supply characterization measurements including critical frequency response measurements such as power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) and control loop response (Bode plots). The Infiniium MXR-Series and EXR-Series oscilloscopes also support multi-channel waveform mask testing for detailed analysis of supply system turn-on/turn-off testing of up to 8 power supply lines.

Input Analysis

  • Real, apparent, and reactive power, power factor, and phase angle
  • Crest Factor
  • Current harmonics, up to 40 harmonics measured
  • Inrush current

Switching Device Analysis

  • Switching loss and slew rate
  • RDS(ON) and VCE(SAT)
  • Modulation analysis (monitor the control pulse signal)
  • Safe Operating Area (SOA) with mask limits

Output Analysis

  • Output ripple
  • Turn on/off time
  • Efficiency
  • Transient response

Frequency Response Analysis

  • Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR)
  • Control loop response
  • General-purpose Bode plots

This software is only compatible with the Infiniium MXR-Series and EXR-Series oscilloscopes.

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