The Keysight 10744A fixturing kit includes mounting hardware for a variety of Keysight measurement optics devices. A large base, multiple posts, and other accessories let you build structures -- such as tall, rigid towers -- that place optics in the center of a machine's work zone or wherever needed. The fixturing kit helps meet the physical requirements of a range of measurement applications.

The Keysight 10744A kit is one of a large selection of optical components available for Keysight interferometer systems. Configured with appropriate laser head and system electronics, the optics make up a precise positioning or calibration system that improves product quality, increases yields, and facilitates manufacture of precision products. 

  • Simplifies and speeds setup
  • Used with many Keysight measurement optics for flexible configuration
  • Available for use in a variety of Keysight systems, including the Keysight 5530 Laser Calibration system

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