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Wide-Band Gap High-Power Semiconductor Measurements
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Learn about advanced Wide-Band Gap (WBG) high-power semiconductor measurement techniques, which involve both static and dynamic measurements for fully characterizing SiC or GaN-based WBG devices.


  • WBG device importance
  • Technical challenges for WBG device characterization
  • Keysight test solutions: High Current and High Voltage, High Voltage Capacitance, GaN Current Collapse, Gate Charge, Double pulse test
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B1506A Power Device Analyzer for Circuit Design


B1506A Power Device Analyzer for Circuit Design

B1506A Power Device Analyzer for Circuit Design

The B1506A Eliminates Power Semiconductor Device and Component Performance Uncertainties for Circuit Designers

Do you have confidence that your circuit will function correctly in mission-critical applications?

The B1506A provides you with power device data under real operating conditions to ensure sufficient circuit operating margins.

Do you worry about having to recall thousands of products because you used faulty devices in your circuits?

Even without test experience, the B1506A allows you to measure IV and CV across temperature and identify counterfeit and out-of-spec devices.


• Measure all IV parameters (Ron, BV, Leakage, Vth, Vsat, etc.)

• Measure transistor input, output, and reverse transfer capacitances at high voltage biases

• Measure gate charge (Qg) for N-ch MOS and IGBT

• Performs power loss (conduction, driving, and switching evaluation

• Menu-driven user interface specially designed for circuit designers (Easy Test Navigator - ETN)

• Quick and automatic device datasheet generation

• Wide current and voltage operating range (1500A, 3kV)

• Thermal test capability ( -50 to +250 °C)

• Oscilloscope View supports visual verification of pulsed measurement waveforms on the front panel

• Cover typical semiconductor devices and electronic components used in high-power circuits


• Optimize circuit performance thru correct power device and power electronics component selection

    ° Sufficient yet efficient circuit operating margin

    ° Small form factor

    ° Low power loss

    ° Higher reliability thru screening of potentially faulty devices

    ° Lower product cost

• Maximize productivity via fast development cycles

    ° Reduced prototype development cycles

    ° Fast and effective power semiconductor device and component selection

    ° Quick power semiconductor device and component troubleshooting

Complete Power Device Characterization to Guarantee that Your Circuits Work the First Time

Automatically obtain the key parameters necessary for robust circuit operation across a wide operating range

If you are a circuit designer using power devices in your products, then you know how important it is to have an accurate and thorough understanding of the performance of those devices over a wide range of conditions. Power devices ultimately determine the power loss in an electronic circuit, so a deep understanding of their characteristics is critical to developing reliable and energy-efficient products. Unfortunately, the typical power device data sheet only shows behavior across a limited range of operating conditions. In addition, the test methodologies necessary to obtain key datasheet parameters are not always straightforward, and measuring device parameters on curve tracers and other traditional equipment can be tedious and time-consuming. The growing use of wide bandgap devices, especially those fabricated using SiC, GaN, or Ga2O3, has also introduced additional test complexity for parameters such as on-resistance, capacitance, and breakdown voltage that require new measurement solutions.

Keysight Technologies, Inc. B1506A meets a vital need by providing an automated and easy-to-use means to extract power device parameters. It can measure all of the parameters shown in the table on the right, and its intuitive GUI makes it easy for even a novice user to extract critical device parameters across a wide range of current, voltage, and temperature conditions.

Verify temperature performance to ensure operation in harsh environments

Power devices and components are used in many products, including heavy equipment, high-speed railways, and automobiles. For obvious reasons, all of these products need to be highly reliable and operate under harsh environmental conditions. Thermal performance is of particular importance since device operation at both low temperatures (for "cold" automotive start), and high temperatures (for devices located near heat-emitting equipment) must be guaranteed. In addition, to understanding general device characteristics over temperature, it may also be necessary to screen devices across temperatures since devices that look fine at room temperature can sometimes be out of spec at low or high temperatures. Unfortunately, temperature characterization of power devices and components is not easy. Thermal test chambers can take a long time for their temperature to stabilize, and long cables leading from the chamber to the test equipment can create resistive and inductive oscillation problems.

The B1506A meets all of these power device and component temperature testing challenges. It supports industry-standard inTEST Thermostream temperature control systems, allowing the B1506A to accurately and automatically characterize devices from -50 to 220° C. Moreover, if only high-temperature characterization is required, then InTEST can provide a thermal plate that supports temperature measurements from room up to 250 °C. Both of these solutions allow temperature measurements to be made in the B1506A test fixture, eliminating lengthy cables and minimizing the risk of oscillation. Both of these solutions also take into account condensation and user safety issues. The B1506A simplifies the previously arduous task of power device temperature characterization, enabling you to focus on your primary goal of ensuring that your products meet all of their temperature performance requirements.

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