Keysight World: Innovate Preview

June 14, 2023 

Keysight World: Innovate is back and more visionary than ever.

Set to kick off on June 20, Keysight's annual vision conference for technology leaders, engineers, and innovators will explore the rapidly evolving technologies reshaping how we live, work, and move through the world around us.  

Centered around the most anticipated innovation shifts – the metaverse, software-defined vehicles (SDVs), non-terrestrial networks (NTN), and digital healthcare – Keysight World: Innovate cuts through the noise to give you deep insights into these trends. Each day you'll have access to forward-thinking viewpoints from industry leaders through keynotes and panel discussions.

Here is a sample of the insights that will be shared during this year's virtual event.

Mapping Information Superhighways of the Metaverse with 5G / 6G
The foundation of the metaverse is connectivity. Multiple layers of 5G and eventually 6G must bridge connections seamlessly and co-exist peaceably for the metaverse to link everything. With the unrivaled compute and connectivity that 5G and 6G will ultimately offer, traditional boundaries defined by geography or location will all but disappear.

"Every disruptive technology ushers in new capabilities that were unheard of just a few years prior," said Sarah LaSelva, Director of 6G Marketing, Keysight. "Think about how ubiquitous Wi-Fi transformed business travel, or how e-commerce brands have capitalized on social media and user-generated content – we're at a similar point now regarding the metaverse and its potential."

As 56 and 6G mature, entirely new classes of devices and applications will hit the marketplace, such as new hands-free interfaces for driving and more immersive education experiences.

"Imagine an immersive biology experience in which medical students can literally go inside the human body and explore how it changes with various diseases and conditions," she said. "The metaverse will eradicate the perception of the internet as a lonely, anonymous destination."

Software-Defined Vehicles and the Sensor Fusion That Drives Them
SDVs are the next critical evolution in the automotive industry's journey toward full vehicle autonomy. But as vehicles begin to have more embedded software, vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit will increase.

"With AVs, the consequences of an attack are financial or personal data losses, or in the worst-case scenario, potentially life-threatening," said Aaron Newman, Business Development Manager, Autonomous Vehicles, Keysight. "Therefore, ensuring every potential vulnerability is identified and addressed in the design phase is critical to delivering a safe and secure autonomous driving experience. This includes every software or system update when the vehicle hits the road."

Emerging Tech: Exploring the Future of Space Networks and Digital Healthcare
Emerging technologies like NTNs and digital healthcare are reshaping our world in ways we can only begin to imagine. The move to NTN to augment terrestrial 5G networks creates possibilities for whole-world connectivity and new applications for space-based massive internet of things.

"Imagine global broadband connectivity, even in isolated and remote areas like Alaska where establishing ground infrastructure to support terrestrial connectivity is either not economically viable or physically possible," said Phil Lorch, Director of Satellite and Space Mission Assurance Solutions, Keysight. "NTNs will make this pervasive and eliminate connectivity challenges we associate with sailing, camping, and mountain climbing as well as industries such as in mission-critical aerospace and defense."

Artificial intelligence-driven digital healthcare and devices promise to drastically improve disease prediction, diagnosis, treatment, and patient outcomes. However, there are some underlying issues to navigate before personalized healthcare at scale can be realized.

"One key challenge is interoperability of consumer wearables and other connected devices that are creating a wave of health-related data used for personalized care," said Erik Johnson, Business Development Manager, Digital Healthcare, Keysight. "Addressing these problems requires implementing a simplified and standardized infrastructure for the entire industry, building on the existing state and regional health information exchanges that facilitate the secure transmission of millions of medical documents today."

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