Keysight helps build a better planet through our sustainably developed electronic measurement solutions that accelerate innovations to change lives, secure the world and connect people across the globe.

Keysight Electronic Measurement Solutions

Changing Lives, Securing the World, Connecting People

Keysight customers are leaders in technology. They are visionaries and innovators who achieve breakthroughs that connect and secure the world. Keysight accelerates these breakthroughs by providing leading-edge design, test, manufacture, and optimization solutions to help build a better planet in areas such as clean technology, social impact and wellness, and safety and security.

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Clean Tech Innovation

Disruptive innovations in automotive electro-mobility, renewable energy and the Internet of Things (IoT) that enable smart-cities, -homes, and -agriculture, are key to bringing breakthroughs in environmental sustainability. These technologies reduce global reliance on carbon-heavy fuels, enable better natural resource management for energy and food production, and support quality monitoring of soil, water and air as infrastructures become more connected.

These applications, however, will stretch electric grids to capacity, drive the need for battery optimization and longevity, and require the development, evaluation and optimization of state-of-the-art networks and technologies.

Keysight empowers the clean tech revolution by providing solutions for automotive, energy, network, communications and IoT companies to design, test, manufacture and monitor next-generation environmentally sustainable product and service offerings.

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Social Impact and Wellness

Technology provides a gateway to community prosperity. Smart-cities optimize community services, smart-agriculture minimizes hunger, wearables and healthcare instruments promote well-being, mission-critical communications ensure first-responders stay connected in crises', STEM education supports economic growth, and technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and automation enable a diverse and differently-abled workforce to flourish.

Quality, interoperability and high performance are critical in delivering prosperity through technology, while educating next-generation technologists is crucial to ensuring future skillsets can meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Keysight supports social impact and wellness by providing solutions that test and validate designs, simulate and measure real-world conditions and monitor infrastructure deployments. The company also provides equipment, software and resources to prepare tomorrow's engineers for the next technological revolutions.

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Safety and Security

Faster, more reliable communications, connected devices, and AI technologies support emerging innovations across multiple applications, including crisis management, community security, healthcare, next-generation aeronautics, autonomous vehicles, and smart devices. Such applications connect and secure global communities by providing the technology needed to quickly and efficiently address privacy rights and safety threats.

The ubiquitous use of networked data, devices and AI technologies for these purposes, however, also open the door to vulnerabilities that can result in new, unintended safety issues and privacy implications.

Keysight solutions test performance, validate security, and monitor deployments of these technologies in real-time. This enables our customers to find and fix vulnerabilities before they impact operations, thereby maintaining end user safety, security and privacy as applications are scaled to connect and secure the planet.

Sustainably Developed Electronic Measurement Solutions at the Heart of the Digital Revolution

Keysight is at the heart of the digital revolution. With an entrepreneurial tenacity and passion for innovation, we deliver breakthrough solutions and trusted insight in electronic design, test, manufacture, and optimization to help customers accelerate the innovations that connect and secure the world. With sustainable practices throughout our product lifecycle, Keysight offers the broadest portfolio of highly reliable, long-lasting electronic measurement solutions that are designed to be safe, compliant with applicable regulations, and maximize the value of limited environmental resources.

With over 3,600 solutions on the market and over 30,000 product and option combinations, Keysight’s portfolio has a massive scale, allowing us to address the specific test and measurement needs of each of our market segments. In addition, our hardware products are highly complex. Even a relatively simple hand-held instrument incorporates significantly more components that a typical consumer product. See product complexity examples below.

U1610A Handheld Oscilloscope / Portable Oscilloscope

Handheld oscilloscope: 1,900 parts

Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator

Pulse function arbitrary noise generator; 16,000 parts

Keysight oscilloscope

Oscilloscope: 25,000 parts

Performance Network Analyzer

Performance Network Analyzer; 30,000 parts


Combining the scale of portfolio and product complexity requires Keysight to manage a supply chain that extends to over 120,000 suppliers covering more than 225,000 parts. Refer to our Responsible Sourcing Pillar for further information on how this is sustainably managed; including the removal and reduction of hazardous substances in the components we procure.

Keysight Services help customers protect their innovation investment in our equipment by:

  • MAINTAINING -- Our instruments must provide repeatable and accurate results throughout their lifetime. Periodic calibration services assure the quality of measurements are maintained year after year.
  • REPAIRING -- While products are designed for long term reliability, failures do occur. Repair services help minimize any instrument down-time and customer disruption. Equipment is supported for a minimum of five years after market withdrawal.
  • REFURBISHING -- Technology does not stand still, and enhancements and upgrades are made available to extend the useful life of equipment. When a newer piece of equipment is finally required, substantial trade-in discounts are offered to customers; providing a strong incentive to return equipment to Keysight. We have a dedicated business to refurbish equipment and offer the equipment for sale.
  • RECYCLING -- Equipment only enters the waste stream many decades after being placed on the market.  Our contribution to the stream of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is insignificant (<0.7% of all EU WEEE.) While return to Keysight is made available, most customers responsibly manage end of life equipment through their B2B waste processes.

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