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RF Phase Noise Measurement

Phase Noise Test System
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+ Phase Noise Test System
+ Signal Source Analyzer (SSA)
+ Microwave Downconverter

The fundamentals of RF phase noise

The instability of the oscillator causes phase noise, which appears as jitter in the time domain. Unlike other signal noise, phase noise is best understood in the spectral domain. An ideal oscillator produces a very sharp spectral band. This characteristic is critical in RF transmission for optimizing narrow channel communication. In reality, all fixed frequency oscillators, and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO) exhibit phase instability, as seen by the spectral spreading of the carrier frequency. How is phase noise measured?

The three most widely adopted techniques for measuring phase noise are: direct spectrum, phase detector, and two-channel cross-correlation. The direct spectrum technique measures the spectral energy of the broadband signal using an instrument like a spectrum / signal analyzer, but there are some limitations due to the amplitude noise mimicking phase noise. Advanced applications use a dedicated phase noise instrument that employs a phase detector and two-channel cross-correlation techniques. Both techniques operate on the baseband signal, so you will need a downconverter.

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RF phase noise measurement solution

With Keysight RF phase noise measurement solutions, you can test your product with confidence and reliability.
RF phase noise measurement solution
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Quick measurement tips

Solve phase noise problem

Reduce phase noise by measuring and identifying the component that is the source

Optimize the quality of service

Increase the throughput of a communication channel by characterizing the phase noise

Measure phase noise accurately

Measure absolute and residual phase noise down to kT (-177 dBm/Hz)

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