Open networking ecosystems has changed the networking horizon. Driven by open-source Network Operating Systems (NOS), there has been significant transformation of networks from edge to datacenter to cloud. This is enabling open marketplace for vendors to compete against standard benchmarks set by the community. Some essential characteristics of today’s network are as follows:

  • Disaggregation
    • Whitebox, merchant silicon, vendor/open NOS
  • Modular and composable
    • Multivendor, customizable solutions
  • Open Networking
    • OCP, Linux Foundation, P4, SONiC
  • Choice of formator
    • Software, Firmware, Hardware, Cloud
  • Hyperscale control plane
    • Dynamic scale
  • Automation
    • CI/CD needs testing continuum from developer to production
SONiC Logo

Software for Open Networking in Cloud (SONiC) is the leading open NOS with significant adoption in major cloud datacenter like Azure and APAC hyperscalers and enterprise deployments. Market surveys are very optimistic about SONiC’s growth. Keysight has been involved in SONiC testing for years.


  • We have integrated Keysight test tools in the sonic-mgmt community test framework to enable SONiC community to use hardware traffic generators for areas like line rate testing (at 100GE, 400GE, and beyond), RDMA, and BGP convergence areas as examples. Learn more about these test cases at the sonic-mgmt GitHub repository.
  • In addition to community contribution, Keysight offers SONiC testbed in a box functionality by using UHD100T32, which is a unique feature for this multi-personality box acting as a 100GE traffic generator as well.
  • Turnkey testing for SONiC validation is offered by Keysight’s Ixia Open NOS validation suite for SONiC (IONOS) with test cases for functionality to operation readiness.


A relatively new project, which is an extension of the SONiC project, Disaggregated API for SONiC Hosts aims to deliver enterprise network performance to critical cloud applications. Keysight is involved in designing and contributing the entire test framework right from the scratch.

Keysight’s test solutions are fully integrated starting with the behavioral model (BMv2) used in the CI pipeline for the DASH project to the 'Hero Test' performance benchmark testbed by using the flagship application traffic testing platforms, Cloudstorm and L23 test platform Novus QSP28 load modules. Keysight Cloudstorms are the only hardware platforms that can achieve SONiC-DASH scale requirements of 30M connections per second, 120M TCP and UDP flows, and much more.

SONiC Dash

The Keysight team collaborates with SmartNIC/DPU and SmartSwitch vendors to enable community to test DASH scale and functionality. Find out more from the following links: 

As the test working group chair and member of technical steering community, Keysight is pleased to support the DENT community with standardizing DENT test framework and community lab infrastructure.

Learn more about the DENT testbed.


DENT empowers retails edge networks like Amazon’s just walk out stores. Managed by Linux Foundation and driven by a community of cloud, application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), original design manufacturer (ODM), and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies, DENT is emerging as the network operating system (NOS) for the campus, edge retail, and remote office/branch office (ROBO) markets. DENT opens the door to being vendor agnostic and allowing the widest range of hardware selection. Internet of things (IoT) is ushering in more complexities at the edge and networking must evolve to catch up with the expanding remote and distributed enterprise needs. DENT simplifies this with its approach and brings the richness of networking essentials like Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Equal-Cost Multi-Path (ECMP), Link Aggregation Group (LAG), and many more.


Open Programmable Infrastructure is another Linux Foundation project where Keysight is a founding member. OPI’s aims for a community-driven standards-based open ecosystem for next generation architectures and frameworks are based on DPU/IPU-like technologies.

Learn more about OPI.


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