Ixia Fabric Controller (IFC) Centralized Manager

Previously Indigo Pro, a complete, single-pane-of-glass management system for visibility products

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Intro to IFC

With skyrocketing traffic volume and escalating security threats, today's networks are expanding to employ sophisticated, pervasive monitoring techniques. As networks expand and new devices are added, IT administrators need a holistic view of the network to consolidate management, ease orchestration efforts, and eliminate blind spots.

Introducing Ixia's Fabric Controller (IFC) technology — a SDx (software defined everything) controller for device management. IFC is a highly available, resilient, and easy-to-use intelligent monitoring platform that works across physical and virtual network environments to provide visibility through a single pane of glass.



Centralized management

Centralized Management



Problem: More Devices, More Monitoring Headache

The more devices on a network, the harder it is to configure and manage an entire platform. Separately monitoring network controller switches, network packet brokers, physical and virtual network taps, and third-party devices places an enormous burden on IT, and can negatively impact a technology’s return on investment.

Today’s organizations need a single management console to centrally monitor multiple devices and reduce administrative complexity.

Solution: An All-in-One Platform for Device Discovery

The IFC Centralized Manager is a unified network management system for centrally monitoring and configuring multiple devices, including network controller switches, network packet brokers, and third-party devices. Rather than manage each device separately, the platform discovers, configures, and monitors all the visibility solutions deployed on a network.

The platform’s standard interfaces allow for easy-to-understand configuration, statistics collection, and health monitoring. By automating processes such as software upgrades and configuration backups, our IFC Centralized Manager simplifies IT administrative tasks that would otherwise take days or weeks to complete. With its dramatic time and cost savings, IFC Centralized Manager offers both greater network availability and higher ROI.

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Your Dashboard, Your Way

IFC Centralized Manager lets you customize your dashboard the way you see fit. Each user can choose which views of interest to display on their dashboard. Personalized views are then saved and reloaded with the next login. You can add or remove widgets or change the layout with a simple click so that the most relevant data is always displayed on your dashboard.

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