PathWave RFIC Design (GoldenGate) simulator and RFPro, including Momentum and FEM Simulators.


The W5803B PathWave RFIC Design, RFPro includes:

  • Pathwave RFIC Simulator for Cadence Virtuoso
  • RFPro EM-Circuit cosimulation setup without cookie cutting
  • Momentum 3D planar EM simulator
  • Finite Element Method (FEM) 3DEM simulator

The PathWave RFIC Design simulator is the most trusted simulation, analysis and verification solution available for integrated RF circuit design within Cadence Virtuoso. It enables full characterization of transceivers prior to tape out using the industry's most advanced nonlinear steady state and envelope solvers. RFPro enables Momentum and FEM simulators to be used on any selected nets and components for EM-circuit cosimulation without layout modifications.


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