• High-performance spectrum analysis up to 13.5 GHz on N522xB/N523xB/N524xB PNA series network analyzers
  • Fast spurious searches
  • A multi-channel SA with internal swept-signal generators
  • In-fixture spectrum measurements using VNA calibration
  • Fast band-/noise-power measurements
  • Fast and accurate Noise Power Ratio (NPR) measurement with low IMD noise floor

The S930901B spectrum analysis adds high-performance microwave spectrum analysis to the PNA family up to 13.5 GHz. With fast stepped-FFT sweeps resulting from optimized data processing, the SA application provides quick spurious searches over broad frequency ranges. Simultaneous spectrum measurements can be done using up to five test and reference receivers. This multi-channel SA can be used with the internal swept-signal generators for efficient measurements of spurious signals emanating from mixers and frequency converters. The SA application employs source-power and receiver-response calibration as well as fixture de-embedding, providing in-fixture and on-wafer spectrum measurements with the highest level of accuracy.

It is recommended to use this option with PNA (N522xB) or PNA-X (N524xB) models with internal receiver attenuators to avoid receiver compression when measuring large signals. For use with PNA-L (N523xB) models, test set Options 216 or 416 is recommended so that external attenuators can be connected via the front-panel jump¬ers to avoid receiver compression. The upper frequency range of the SA application is determined by the installed SA license or the stop frequency of the instrument, whichever is smaller.

The PNA SA application adds NPR measurement to the PNA family. It provides integrated measurement setup including multitone signal generation with vector signal generator. New coherent-measurement and vector-averaging techniques employed in the PNA SA application allow you to make faster and more accurate NPR and ACPR measurements with better dynamic range than the conventional NPR measurement with spectrum analyzer. 

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