• Extend the capability of the noise figure measurements with the PNA-X w/ option, 029 and the S93029B to unmatched devices (Gamma opt. <0.9)
  • Controls Maury Microwave’s LXI tuner as the impedance tuner instead of an ECal module
  • Accurately characterize low noise active devices for R&D, DVT and Manufacturing

The N524xB PNA-X network analyzer with option 029 and the S93029B noise figure application enables high-accuracy noise figure measurements of amplifiers, frequency converters, and mixers, utilizing Keysight’s unique vector-source-correction technique that uses a source-impedance tuner to remove the effects of imperfect system-source match. An ECal module works fine as the source impedance tuner for matched devices with gamma-opts <0.3 but not for unmatched devices with gamma-opts <0.9.

The S93027B enables to control Maury Microwave’s LXI tuner as the impedance tuner and measure the noise figure and parameters of unmatched devices.

The S93027B software operation requires the PNA-X with option 029, the S93029B software and Maury Microwave’s LXI tuner.

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