Easily add Keysight Digital Multimeter measurements to PathWave Test Automation


Easily Integrate DMM Tests into TAP

  • No programming experience required
  • Seamless test automation without worrying about specific SCPI commands
  • Test results automatically stored in any Results Listener
  • Switch connections become editable settings in Test Steps

Simple Development Workflow

  • Select your DMM model and add it to your profile
  • Add the available DMM test steps into the test plan
  • Configure your test step setting and parameters
  • Run your Test Plan
  • View your test results

Supported Digital Multimeters

  • Keysight E34401A, E34405A, E34410A, E34411A, E34420A, E34450A, E34460A, E34461A, E34465A, E34470A

Flexible Software Licensing

  • Fixed (node-locked, single PC), transportable and network/floating licenses with either perpetual or annual time frame

KS8150A DMM Instrument PluginPathWave Test Automation is a modern Microsoft .NET-based application that can be used stand-alone or in combination with higher level test executive software environments. The KS8150A DMM Instrument Plugin enables users with no programming experience to run automated digital multimeter tests. Test automation is done seamlessly without worrying about SCPI programming and commands. For further analysis, test results are automatically stored in any Result Listener.

For more information about Test Automation Software, please visit PathWave Test Automation Software.


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