Test sequence & test plan creation

  • Engine runtime for fast execution of tests
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) to integrate in your test software
  • Scalable modular “plug-in” software architecture. Take advantage of provided plug-ins in the Package Repo, or create your own using the SDK
  • Native Python and .NET developer environment support
  • Built on OpenTAP open-source test sequencer

Subset of KS8400B PathWave Test Automation Developers System

  • Reuse plugs developed in KS8400B
  • Supports Multiple Operating Systems (Windows and Linux)
  • Microsoft .NET Standard  


  • Fixed (node-locked, single PC), transportable and network/floating license with either perpetual or subscription time frame
  • Uses PathWave License Manager

KS8000A Test Automation Deployment SystemPathWave Test Automation built on OpenTAP is a modern Microsoft .NET standard-based application that can be used stand-alone or in combination with higher level test executive software environments. The KS8000B PathWave Test Automation Deployment System provides a lower cost, scaled down version of the full KS8400B PathWave Test Automation Developers System that is ideal for production and other high volume deployments.  Easily extensible to integrate custom Operator UIs and results storage systems.

무료 체험판

PathWave Test Automation 배포 시스템

  • 소프트웨어 무료 체험판 요청
  • PC에서 어플리케이션 활성화
  • 모든 기능이 탑재된 버전 평가(기능 제한 없음)

PathWaveTest Automation Deployment System

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