• Standard-compliant waveform generation. Libraries are available for Wireless HD, WiGig and IEEE802.11ad
  • Complete high precision testing
    - Signal simulation on the transmitter side
    - Signal analysis on the receiver side
  • Waveform creation using simple drag and drop actions
  • Measurement results at a glance. All important results can be configured on one screen. A color-coded composite constellation display allows fast detection of problems.
  • Simple drill down to possible parameters.
  • Calibration routines for optimizing performance of devices.
  • For usage with Arbitrary Waveform Generators M8190A and 81180B.

The trend continues: Increasingly convenient wire¬less access is driving demand for more data in less time. As transmission rates climb, it puts additional strain on components, infrastructure, frequency spectrum and developers. The demand for wideband data is also inspiring the creation of new standards that utilize increasingly complex modulation schemes to transmit more data through the available spectrum.
To help you keep pace with higher frequencies, wider bandwidths and new standards, Keysight has created the 81199A Wireless Waveform Center software. Key elements include the Wideband Waveform Creator signal-generation application and the Wideband Waveform analyzer application. Both support emerging wideband modulation formats such as

81199A simplifies the test challenges for 60 GHz wireless tests

  • Compliant testing for Wireless HD, WiGig & IEEE802.11ad
  • Complete transmitter and receiver testing
  • Simple signal generation simple with drag & drop creation
  • Modulation analysis at a glance of fully coded signals
  • Addresses the challenge of 2 GHz modulation bandwidth
    - 100 times wider bandwidth than 802.11n
    - 1.5 times wider bandwidth than 802.11ac

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81199A Wideband Waveform Center Software

  • 81199A Wideband Waveform Center software
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