Genesys Advanced Transmission Line (T/Line) Synthesis Module accelerates virtual prototyping and fabrication by mapping a whole distributed RF circuit schematic to one of 13 other physical model sets using only a couple of mouse clicks. It also saves time and engineering costs by converting existing physical designs to other dielectrics and processes, while preserving the original electrical length and impedance. This facilitates design re-use and second-sourcing of boards with other fabrication vendors, while minimizing re-work.

Convert a whole design in one command


Advanced T/Line Synthesis bridges the gap from ideal transmission lines and Smith Charts to fabrication processes by converting whole schematics in a single command. Component by component, it calculates the impedances and dimensions, and replaces each item in your schematic with a physical model having approximately the same characteristics, and accounting for dispersion, skin effect loss, and conductor thickness. For some cases, it also adds the associated discontinuity model and adjusts the length of the attached line to compensate for the parasitic.

Re-use and Re-deploy circuits faster


Advanced T/Line synthesis also converts existing designs back to ideal transmission lines, or between substrate configurations. This is a powerful option for updating an older design, changing a manufacturing process or board stack-up, or sending a design to alternate board vendor. It also makes it possible to change the targeted center frequency of that part of the design, to move a filter to a slightly different frequency.

For example, you may have created a double-stub network on a 25mil thick substrate. You now want to use a thinner 10mil substrate. Advanced T/Line can convert the original microstrip widths to the widths necessary to maintain the impedances on the new substrate material, doing so for each component.

Put away your transmission line calculator - Advanced T/Line Synthesis is a convenient productivity tool you will never want to be without!

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