Genesys S/Filter Synthesis enables advanced lumped LC and distributed filters with customized frequency response shaping to be quickly synthesized and prototyped by RF component designers and system architects to satisfy demanding system performance.

A professional tool, with the elegance and affordability of Genesys 

RF engineers use S/Filter Synthesis to quickly create custom filter response and quickly transforms generic filter types into realizable high-performance circuits that eliminate specific spurs, minimize parts count, avoid problematic parts values and topologies, account for finite Q, and much more.

While other synthesis tools provide poor EDA integration, a narrow set of filter types, or unfriendly mathematical approaches to filter design, S/Filter Synthesis is more suited to the needs of the RF community. It is easy to use and practical, with extensive online documentation. It provides a wide range of design flexibility with nearly 200 topological transforms, thus balancing automation and convenience with the RF engineer's need to control every aspect of a high-performance design. S/Filter Synthesis uses sophisticated algorithms to provide direct synthesis of a custom filter response.

High-level of integration 

The output of S/Filter Synthesis is a standard schematic within the Genesys environment. Since S/Filter Synthesis designs are no different from any other Genesys subcircuit, the physical implementation of the design can move forward at any time by applying SMT library parts, layout tools, and statistical and high-yield design techniques, then verified with a rich variety of time-domain, frequency-domain, system, and accurate EM simulators. If this verification shows that you need to modify the filter design, you simply re-open the S/Filter Synthesis window, and continue improving the filter. Unlike filter tables, standalone utilities, and even 3rd party add-ons, you retain design flexibility and can iterate quickly within the context of a larger design flow.

High-performance filters that solve real problems 

For designers who concentrate on filter design, S/Filter Synthesis goes beyond filter tables to solve more practical problems, while bridging the divide between lumped and distributed techniques in the wireless frequency bands. S/Filter enables you to build a custom frequency response, then choose among different implementation alternatives, while manipulating and transforming portions of the filter to solve realization problems, reduce parts count, make the design more manufacturable and less sensitive to tolerances.

S/Filter Synthesis includes these capabilities to make you successful:

  • RF awareness – familiar terms and settings for RF designers
  • Build the narrow or wide frequency response you want to achieve, then add specific zeroes to suppress unwanted frequencies
  • Real-time automated synthesis of a wide variety of candidate filters, which can be sorted by 26 characteristics such as Minimum Inductor Value, Cmax/Cmin ratio, and more
  • Nearly 200 lumped & distributed topological transforms are ready customize a filter candidate to make it simpler, easier to build, less sensitive, and with fewer parts
  • Direct integration with the Genesys design environment, including simulators, parts libraries, optimization, and high-yield design support, layout, and graphics export
  • Export designs to Advanced Design System (ADS) or other EDA environments
  • Extensive documentation and online Help
  • Also includes Filter Synthesis (lumped) and M/Filter Synthesis (distributed), for creating standard filter types

This powerful synthesis capability is available in the following Genesys bundles:

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