PathWave EM Design 2021: Fast & Accurate 3D EM Simulation, adds the following new and improved capabilities:

  • Part encryption to ensure IP protection
  • PathWave EM Design 2021 is now Python 3.7 based
  • FEM increased robustness


PathWave EM DesignWhat’s New in PathWave EM Design 2021?

PathWave EM Design 2021 continues to be a leading 3D electromagnetic (3D EM) modeling and simulation environment, which is also integrated with the PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) 2021 design flow.

  • PathWave EM Design 2021 introduces the capability to encrypt parts in an EMPro project to ensure the protection of IP. When the project is saved as an OpenAccess project, such encrypted component can be seamlessly placed in a PathWave ADS layout and analyzed in RFPro with its FEM Generation 2 simulator. This requires PathWave ADS 2021 or later.
  • PathWave EM Design 2021 is now Python 3.7 based
    • User scripts that have been written in Python 2.7 will be automatically translated to Python 3.7
  • Various Issues addressed:
    • Various fixes in the Parts tree: indication of the 'Visibility' and 'Include in Mesh' state; renaming of a part not being reflected; deleting a part causing a crash.
    • Fix for reading large 'User Defined Waveform' CSV files.
    • Fix for the frequency in a graph plot legend not providing enough significant digits.


  • Increased robustness by leveraging the FEM solver that also ships with PathWave ADS 2021.
  • More flexible calibration control
  • Issues addressed:
    • Configuration variables defined in the $EMPROHOME/custom/config/fem.cfg file will be honored.
    • Fix in the eigenmode Q factor computations.

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