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PathWave EM Design (EMPro) Software

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Note: The minimum license version required to run this software is 2020.02. If you are a supported customer and your date-based license version is less than 2020.02, please contact the Keysight EDA Business Support Center for an updated license file. If you are supported and have a numeric license version (i.e. 3.2), login to the Keysight Software Manager to obtain your updated licenses before installation. For other licensing tasks, see "How to Obtain a License".

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2020-11-24 2021 Update 1.0 Pathwave EM Design 2021 Update 1.0 aligns the FEM engine with ADS 2021 Update 1.0. It also addresses some issues reported on the EMPro platform. For list of issues fixed, please refer to the Pathwave EM Design 2021 Update 1.0 Release Notes.