What's New in Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) 2008.1?

  • Creation of parameterized 3D components for use in Advanced Design System (ADS). You can then modify the parameters directly in ADS and simulate with the EMDS G2 FEM solver without leaving ADS. In future releases of ADS, you will also be able to sweep and optimize parameter values directly in Advanced Design System.
  • A palette with predefined common 3D shapes (box, cylinder, pyramid, ring, ball, cone, helix) is available from within the user interface. These shapes provide a convenient starting point for your 3D structures.


EMPro main graphicEMPro 2008.1 is Keysight EDA's 3D electomagnetic simulation platform providing the industry's most modern, interactive, intuitive, and efficient environment. EMPro 2008.1 includes a modern user interface, solid modeler, major simulators (32 & 64 bit), multithreading, cluster simulation, GPU hardware acceleration, and thermo- & bio-calculations such as Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC).

There are many examples of where Keysight's ADS flow integration is critical to the success of a design, such as: 

  • Packaging
  • Chip-to-board transitions like bond wires and solder bumps
  • Designing antennas with tunable matching circuits and multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO)
  • Designing connectors and transitions
  • Low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) circuits
  • Optimizing wireless designs for real-world situations by simulating the circuit & antenna within a complete car & handset (including human interaction).
  • and more

EMPro 2008.1 is designed to streamline the design flow and save time with ADS integration. "It's about the flow with EMPro."

EMPro Products & Accessories
Model Product Description
W2101L Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) Includes UI, solid modeler, major simulators 32 & 64bit, multithreading, thermo- and bio calculations.
W2105 EMPro Hardware Accelleration Library Hardware acceleration software libraries for increased speed on larger EM problems.
W2110L EMPro Translator Bundle Software License CAD Import management tool for EMPro supporting a variety of input formats.