New features

Python® scripting can be used for performance optimization, geometry creation, excitation setup, simulation control, post-processing and user interface creation.

  • Python standard: http://www.python.org
  • parameter sweep and optimization
  • advanced post-processing
  • design flow automation
  • UI customization
  • automated search for optimal simulation settings
  • access to extensive libraries for mathematical post-processing


Customers are strongly advised to upgrade to this version unless they have already upgraded to a newer release. To install AMDS 2007.5, please refer to the AMDS 2007.5 Installation Instructions. Customers that use the acceleration cards will need to upgrade their drivers as well. Instructions are placed in the bin/Acceleware map after installation. To uninstall your current drivers please refer to section 11 on page 18 of the Acceleware Installation Guide. It is recommended that you uninstall both the Acceleware drivers and the NDVIDIA Display Driver. Section 9 of the this guide will walk you through the steps for installing the new drivers.


Note the AMDS 2007.5 licensing infrastructure has been upgraded and you will have to use the 2.7 FlexLM distribution. If you are a previous user of AMDS 2007.4 you will have to request new codewords. If you have not received your codewords, please Request Codewords.

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