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Product Fact Sheets

Product Fact Sheet

Protect Your Investment from Excess RF Power, DC Transients, and ESD

Keysight power limiters are designed for input protection of electronic components for communications, telemetry, radar systems and high frequency instrumentation technologies. Keysight power limiters provide customers with a choice of operating frequency range and limiting threshold to suit their applications.

With the combination of excellent insertion loss and return loss, these limiters will safe-guard your customers investment from damage due to excess RF power, DC transients or Electro-Static-Discharge (ESD).

Key features

- High power protection

Prevents damage by undesired ESD and excess RF power

- Exceptional return loss > 15 dB at 50 GHz

Improved calibration accuracy

- Low insertion loss < 1.75 dB at 18 GHz

Maximizes available power

- Bi-directional

Utilization eliminates orientation errors


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