E36731A Battery emulator and profiler

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Your Complete Battery Emulation Solution


Keysight's E36731A Battery Emulator with BV9211B PathWave BenchVue advanced battery emulation software solution provides a test environment for you to run battery tests and perform battery emulation with ease. You can perform charge, discharge of a battery, and use it to automatically create battery profiles at various test conditions, which you can then use to emulate the different states of charge (SoC) of your device under test (DUT). Additionally, the easy-to-use battery cycler lets you monitor battery aging and stability. The E36731A plus the BV9211B is a complete battery emulation solution, allowing you to test, emulate, and automate in a compact bench form factor.


Quickly Optimize Your Device for Better Battery Life with BV9211B Advanced Battery Emulation Software


The E36731A is designed to operate with Keysight BV9211B Pathwave BenchVue Advanced Battery Emulation software. This software allows you to easily profile and generate battery models with or without temperature monitoring and perform battery emulation on the bench.


Generating a battery profile ensures you get the most accurate models for emulating your device’s battery in various operating scenarios. The E36731A plus BV9211B solution creates a battery profile by discharging or charging a physical battery with either a static current condition or a previously created dynamic loading profile.


For battery emulation, you can load the software-generated profiles or import the previously created external battery models. For simplicity, you will only need to enter these four parameters to emulate a battery: capacity rating, current limit, initial SoC, and cut-off condition.


You can also create a custom sequence of charging, resting, and discharging a battery at various test conditions. The application allows up to one thousand cycle operations on the battery to determine the battery's aging effect and reliability under sequence test conditions. All of these enable you to quickly optimize your device for better battery life.


BV9211B PathWave BenchVue Advanced Battery Test and Emulation Software


The Keysight E36731A works with the BV9211B Pathwave BenchVue Advanced Battery Test and Emulation software to run battery tests, generate battery models, and perform battery emulation. The emulation function allows you to quickly change and output the desired battery operating conditions to cover various test scenarios without having to wait for an actual battery to go through discharging or charging conditions.


Key features:


• Tests and emulates batteries up to 200kW and up to 2000V (depending on the instrument models)

• Supports four modes of operation: emulation, profiler, discharge/charge, and cycler

• Creates custom battery models

• Controls up to four instruments at a time

• Includes API functions to facilitate integration into your programming environment

• Provides advanced control capabilities - capacity rating, state of charge, constant or dynamic level selection, pulse width control

• Measures voltage and current simultaneously with its built-in digitizer

• Captures voltage, current, and capacity accurately from seconds up to days

• Creates custom dynamic loading characteristics for discharging

• Imports battery models

• Exports measurement data

• Provides a graphical view of the battery model

• Provides customizable battery protection parameters


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