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M8050A High-Performance BERT 120 GBd

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New features: 


Pattern generator module M8042A: channel synchronization, customizable bit-to-symbol-mapping, 


Clock module M8009A: extended HFPJ jitter ranges for symbol rates below 7.9 GBd, 


Error analyzer module M8043A: more CTLE presets, real-time error distribution analysis, 


Error analysis above 64 GBd with UXR-B models.  


Enabling Your Successful Design Deployments in 800G/1.6T and USB4.x


The Keysight M8050A BERT enables success in chip deployments of 800G/1.6T, USB4  and other leading technologies by providing an unmatched combination of 120 GBd signaling with uncompromised signal integrity.




The Keysight M8050A high-performance BERT enables accurate characterization of receivers used in next generation data center networks and server interfaces with symbol rates up to 120 GBd. 


The M8050A high-performance BERT is one part of the Keysight M8000 Series of BER test solutions.  It can be combined with other hardware and software of the M8000 Series.   


Overview of M8050A modules and remote heads covered in this data sheet:



AXIe slots 

Product number 

120 GBd pattern generator module for one data output channel 



120 GBd pattern generator module for two data output channels 



64 GBd remote head with cable connections to M8042A pattern generator module 



120 GBd remote head with cable connection to M8042A pattern generator module 



64 GBd error analyzer module, 2-slot AXIe



64 GBd analyzer remote head with cable connection to M8043A error analyzer module 




Specifications for Pattern Generator Module M8042A and Remote Heads M8058A and M8059A


The M8042A pattern generator module operates from 2 to 120 GBd. It is available as one channel or two channel version. You can select three symbol rate ranges. The M8042A requires the clock module with jitter modulation M8009A, and one remote head for each data output channel. For operation above 64 GBd the 120 GBd pattern generator remote head M8059A is required. Using the P and N output of the M8042A module is prohibited. One M8009A clock generator module is required for each M8042A pattern generator module.


For the following generator functions these module options are required: 


• Pattern generation up to 32 GBd for NRZ and PAM4 (M8042A-G32) 

• Pattern generation up to 64 GBd for NRZ and PAM4 (M8042A-G64) 

• Pattern generation up to 120 GBd for NRZ and PAM4 (M8042A-G12) 

• One channel (M8042A-0G1)

• Two channels (M8042A-0G2)    

• De-emphasis, module-wide license (M8042A-0G4) 

• PAM3 encoding for USB4v2 interfaces (M8042A-0P3)

• PAM6 encoding for 224 Gbps interfaces (M8042A-0P6)

• PAM8 encoding for 224 Gbps interfaces (M8042A-0P8)

• Future options are tbd


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