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M8050A High-Performance BERT 120 GBd

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The Keysight M8050A high-performance BERT is a versatile and reliable solution for testing receivers used in next generation data center networks and server interfaces with symbol rates up to 120 GBd. It is part of the Keysight M8000 Series of BER test solutions, which can be combined with other hardware and software modules to create customized test setups. The M8050A high-performance BERT consists of the following components: - The M8042A pattern generator module, which operates from 2 to 120 GBd and supports NRZ, PAM4, PAM6, and PAM8 formats. It is available as one channel or two channel version, and requires one remote head for each data output channel. It also provides built-in de-emphasis, pre-coder, error insertion, and automatic eye performance optimization features. - The M8009A clock module with jitter modulation, which operates from 4 to 60 GHz and can be locked to external reference clocks. It provides various clock modes and outputs, as well as advanced jitter modulation capabilities for up to two channels. - The M8043A error analyzer module, which operates from 2 to 64 GBd and supports NRZ and PAM4 formats. It requires one remote head for each data input channel. It also provides equalization and de-embedding features, as well as various measurements such as BER, SER, SNDR, ISI, and error distribution analysis. - The M8058A or M8059A remote heads, which connect the pattern generator and error analyzer modules to the device under test (DUT) via cable connections. The M8058A supports symbol rates up to 64 GBd and has 1.85 mm connectors. The M8059A supports symbol rates up to 120 GBd and has 1.0 mm connectors. - The M8070B system software for the M8000 Series of BER measurement solutions, which provides a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) and remote control capabilities for configuring and controlling the test setup. It also offers advanced measurement packages such as M8070ADVB and M8070EDAB for enhanced analysis and reporting. The Keysight M8050A high-performance BERT enables accurate characterization of receivers by providing an unmatched combination of 120 GBd signaling with uncompromised signal integrity. It also enables emulation of ISI (Inter Symbol Interference) with adjustable ISI boards or external oscilloscopes. It is compatible with other Keysight instruments such as AWGs, DSOs, DCA-Xs, N1046As, N1060As, N1076As, N1077As, N1078As, N1079As, N1080As, N1081As, N1082As, N1083As, N1084As, N1085As. The Keysight M8050A high-performance BERT is available in different bundles with AXIe chassis and cables included. For more information about the product specifications, features, options, ordering information, and related literature, please visit the product page at or contact your local Keysight sales representative.


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