4080 Series Parametric Testers


4082A Parametric Test System &  4082F Flash Memory Cell Parametric Test System


Industry-Standard Parametric Test System over Decades


Leading-edge technologies demand high performance semiconductor devices available at the lower cost of test in high volume manufacturing. Keysight offers the higher throughput and superior measurement performance by 4082A parametric test system with the easiest migration path from 4070 tester including guaranteed 4070/SPECS program compatibilities and data correlations. 4082F flash memory cell parametric test system provides the fast and precise measurements with the built-in semiconductor pulse generator unit (SPGU), cost-effective pulse generator and optional high-frequency switching matrix.


Keysight 4080 Series: Parametric Test System Total Solution


Keysight 4080 Series offers a wide range of measurement capabilities required for fundamental parametric test. You can easily perform DC and capacitance measurements such as Vth, Ids, Idoff, and Cox, to name just a few. 4080 Series supports three types of SMU (Source Monitor Unit) for DC measurement. Several other instruments options, such as a digital voltmeter (DVM), a spectrum analyzer and an LCR meter, provide the enhanced measurement capabilities.


Hardware, Software, Accessories, and Professional Services


You might think the 4080 Series parametric tester as a hardware integrated system with system cabinet and test head, however, there are more essential system elements of software, accessories, and professional service by Keysight technical experts.


4080 Series as Single Offer of Total Solution


Keysight also offers solution support and training as professional services to provide a quicker start up, maximize your productivity, and minimize downtime of systems. Keysight experts have deep domain knowledge of test equipment, software, standards, and regulations. Service and solutions from Keysight provide truly trusted systems that you can rely on the measurements you make, through the proactively structure an on-site service plan that can include an on-site repair service, a remote response team, a scheduled calibration services, or timely software updates.

• Upfront purchase: configuring available hardware and software options along with some professional Application Engineer (AE) consulting and Customer Engineer (CE) uptime service such as installation, repair, and calibration. 

o Hardware warranty and service agreements are essential for first 12 months and available to extend to 36 months.

o Software subscription service is offered for first 36 months as required.

• Post-sales: upgrading hardware and software with available retrofit kits and professional AE or CE services. Renewals of service agreement are available with both hardware services and software subscription.


Hardware Elements


4080 Series has the test head and system cabinet to use with the probers in semiconductor wafer production line. Most of hardware elements are configurable per your test needs and test structure design to maximize the production capacity and for the highest throughput to archive.


Software Elements 


4080 Series has the dedicated system controller with Linux operating system (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). This controller has the 4080 system software with fundamental capabilities to operate and control the 4080 test system. The controller can be installed with the optional but essential software such as SPECS and SPECS-FA effective in managing the semiconductor wafer production and factory automation with 4080 Series.


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