XA5001A ETSI Regulatory Test Software is a purpose-built test automation software for IoT device regulatory compliance, addressing the ETSI test requirements.


The Keysight XA5001A test software addresses the test requirements of the most recent versions of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) EN 300 328 (V2.2.2), EN 301 893 (V2.1.1), and EN 303 687 (draft). This software solution covers test items such as occupied channel bandwidth, adaptivity, and receiver blocking. Together with the Keysight IOT0047A regulatory test solution, the IoT regulatory compliance software can help you simplify and accelerate wireless IoT device testing.

  • Enhance testing and post-test analysis with the modern graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Save time when debugging failed tests by selecting a group of test cases and accessing specific signal paths.
  • Understand and interpret results presented in easy-to-read graphs and tables quickly.