PathWave Lab Operations for Connectivity is a lab management tool that gives you a 360-degree view into the workflow of your lab, from instrument control to data analysis and data storage. It is powered by Keysight's PathWave software platform.


With Keysight PathWave Lab Operations for Connectivity, Keysight provides a 360-degree view into the workflow of your lab. Our solution allows full control of your lab, from test ordering to execution and tracking of tests and resources, through to data analysis, storage, and report generation. This gives test and lab managers deeper insights into the workings of their labs. The modularity of the platform allows you to choose the best options for managing your lab, giving you flexibility based on your requirements.

Automated and Intelligent Tests

  • Import your test scripts and tell PathWave Lab Operations how to run these tests, when they should run, and what happens in the event of a failure or anomaly detection.
  • Keysight enables you to add a level of customization to the software to tailor it to the requirements of your lab.

Component and Asset Tracking

  • Before the tests begin, which components do you want to test and where are they coming from?
  • With PathWave Lab Operations, you can register each component in the software to ensure you are running the correct tests for the appropriate devices.
  • The software also allows you to manage your team and plan for holidays and other downtime.

Results Management and Analysis

  • Once you have run the tests and collected the results, how do you best share that information?
  • With PathWave Lab Operations, results can be tracked, stored, and analyzed by people whose time can be managed through the software.

Data and Database Management

  • As there is a common workflow throughout the test structure, PathWave Lab Operations allows a common data model throughout the test flow.
  • This enables you to store data in your preferred format on a database of your choosing, local or cloud-based.