L2-3 Network Infrastructure Performance Test Automation

IxNetwork is a comprehensive network infrastructure performance testing solution. It scales to handle most powerful devices and largest networks, from routing and switching to data center ethernet and software defined networking.

Network equipment manufacturers, service providers, and enterprise IT teams all need to do performance testing under the most challenging conditions. IxNetwork is capable of generating multiple terabytes of data and analyzing up to 4 million traffic flows simultaneously, IxNetwork scales to handle the most powerful devices and the largest networks.

Validate the scale, performance and resilience of hyper-scale data centers

Virtual edition of IxNetwork. Validate the scale, performance and resilience of hyper-scale data centers.

Not All Test Automation Support is The Same

test automation challenges

Is automation support just a checkbox on your list of requirements?

The need for automation in your validation network test tool is a given, but test automation capabilities in different tools are not the same. Clear expectations for automation will help in the selection process and the right tool will make automating network testing easier and faster.

Every automation framework is unique, however, there are some common attributes that most require. Proper automation support in a test tool will make it easier to integrate into almost any framework. Keysight IxNetwork provides these unique capabilities:

  • Well designed data-model driven REST API that uses structured JSON for passing information
  • Support for legacy languages like TCL and modern languages like Python
  • Built-in, interactive REST API browser that allows tests to be debugged faster
  • Secure access to the API to ensure only authorized use of the test tool
  • Comprehensive documentation with supporting samples that is easy to navigate and search

IxNetwork has a Modern REST API To Develop Tests Faster

IxNetwork’s unique capabilities are accessible through a REST API directly or via a Python-wrapped library, or ROBOT library, or TCL library. These APIs provide users the flexibility they need in today’s world where DevOps development and delivery are becoming the norm.

IxNetwork test automation capabilities enable continuous testing. At every stage of the product development lifecycle including design, deploy, optimize and train, IxNetwork test automation can streamline testing and deliver unique benefits.

Industry Standard and Proven Test Methodologies

Industry standards for testing, such as RFC 2544, are an effective way to validate and benchmark network devices and systems. These standardized test methodologies define best practices for testing various use cases so you want to integrate them into your automated test environment. Keysight’s QuickTests speed testing by providing these standardized tests in easy-to-use, repeatable packages with the flexibility to test complex configurations and network topologies using either physical or virtual test ports.

Next Generation Networks Need Next Generation Test Tools

Software for Open Networking in the Cloud

SONiC is an open source network operating system based on Linux that runs on switches from multiple vendors and ASICs. SONiC offers a full-suite of network functionality, like BGP and RDMA, that has been production-hardened in the data centers of some of the largest cloud-service providers. It offers teams the flexibility to create the network solutions they need while leveraging the collective strength of a large ecosystem and community.

Keysight is proud to be leading the charge for defining and contributing an open source automation framework and application test methodologies. IxNetwork is the leading test tool for testing SONiC. IxNetwork's comprehensive suite of network test features makes it the perfect tool to test this next-generation open-source network operating system.

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