Maximize The Battery Life Of Your IoT Devices

Watch this video to find out why accurate battery drain measurements are critical to achieving the long battery life customers expect. Keysight’s broad range of solutions enable engineers to get convenient, fast, and accurate results that properly characterize battery drain on IoT devices

Smart Power Measurements

IoT devices spend most of their time in sleep mode, drawing nanoamps of current, but may draw tens of milliamps when processing or communicating. Accurate low-power measurement, a million-to-one dynamic range, and fast power-draw transient analysis requires best-in-class performance power measurement test systems.

Power consumption of IoT devices in lab test doesn't accurately reflect real-world conditions. What if your device is located at a cell edge and has intermittent connectivity? How do carrier aggregation, higher-order MIMO, and other cellular-IoT capabilities impact the battery lifespan?

Keysight has patented current and power measurement technology and a wealth of experience making these measurements.

IoT Device Battery Life Case Study

Combining the CX3324A Device Current Waveform Analyzer and UXM Wireless Test Set, an IoT device manufacturer was able to identify and eliminate the battery life issues impacting roughly 50% of its prototypes. This enabled them to deliver power-efficient IoT devices to its large utility customers on-time and with a real-world battery life performance that rivaled what was achieved in the lab, especially when operating at the edge of the cellular network.

Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Testing

Low-power highly-integrated mixed-signal ICs are especially susceptible to crosstalk. Similarly, low power distribution networks typically have much smaller supply tolerances, causing clocks and digital data to be more easily impacted by ripple, noise, and transients riding on the power rails.

IoT devices need carefully-controlled signal integrity and power integrity. Physical-layer time- and frequency-domain measurements and comprehensive analysis software are required to reduce board spins and get to market faster.

Keysight's SI and PI simulation and measurement tools are suitable for testing all major digital design and interconnect standards, from MIPI to DDR.

Design and Simulation Tools

Advances in mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) technology have been a key enabler of IoT devices; devices are increasingly using printed antennas, multiple antennas, and multiple radios. Greater integration delivers lower cost, lower energy consumption, and better performance.

With increasing complexity, electrical, thermal, and mechanical behaviors need to be fully evaluated. Keysight's design and simulation tools support an accurate and seamless flow of co-simulation across multiple realms and technologies — from component to system level.

IoT Education Hub: Device Test

Designing IoT devices with the performance and battery life required is no easy task. It requires more than a keen understanding of the challenges you’ll face, and selection of the right solutions. You need to know how to use those solutions to solve your challenges, and the best measurement tips and practices to follow.

The IoT Education Hub offers you access to the latest educational resources on IoT device testing. Gain access to valuable “how-to” information and learn how you can ensure your IoT devices are developed with minimal board spins, thoroughly tested for the real world, and can get to market on time and ahead of the competition.

Let Keysight’s IoT Education Hub help you realize the promise of IoT today.

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